Millennium AFL Posts - Hinged

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Hinged Millenium AFL Posts designed for senior competition at international level.

Features and Specifications


International specification design & manufactured from heavy duty aluminium.
Steel hinged adaptors with high tensile bolts make erection of posts safer.


  • Uprights manufactured from aluminium.
  • Sockets complete with base plates.
  • Polyester powder coated white.

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Size Options

Millenium Posts

Millennium AFL Posts - Hinged
Millennium AFL Posts - Hinged

Hinged Millennium Posts


Millenium Posts

Code Title Unit Weight
AFL-002 Millennium AFL Posts - Hinged

Hinged Millennium Posts

Set 1,240.00kg

What is Included

What is Included

8 Bottom Uprights
4 Middle Uprights
2 Top Central Uprights
2 Top Outer Uprights
8 Hinges
8 Sockets

1 Set = 4 Central Posts, 4 Outer Posts & 8 Sockets
Goal (Central) Posts: 4 Bottom Uprights, 4 Middle Uprights, 4 Top Central Uprights, 4 Sockets
Behind (Outer) Posts: 4 Bottom Uprights, 4 Top Outer Uprights, 4 Sockets

Additional Info

Additional Info

Goal (Central) Posts: 15m out of ground height, three piece aluminium uprights.
Bottom upright 7.3m long x 140mm diameter.
Middle upright 7.3m long x 130mm diameter.
Top upright 2.4m long x 120mm diameter.
1.5m deep x 146mm inside diameter sockets.

Behind (Outer) Posts: 10m out of ground height, two piece aluminium uprights.
Bottom uprights 7.3m long x 140mm diameter.
Top uprights 3.7m long x 130mm diameter.
1m deep x 146mm inside diameter sockets.

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