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  1. Hockey

    Hockey Pitch Divider Pad HOC-046Hockey pitch divider pads are a great training companion to any hockey pitch. A set of 16 pitch dividers will divide a full pitch allowing you to set up for small sided games or enclosed training drills. The divider pads are also fantastic at keepi...

  2. News

    Welcoming our new and exciting division to the company – Innovative Sports Products!At ISP we aim to continuously design and develop innovative equipment and technology within the sports industry. Our Research and Design department is second to none in the field of sports equipme...

  3. News

    With the world of sport constantly changing, the requirements for different technology is growing rapidly to capture effective game play and aid decisions made within the game. What is Hawk-Eye Technology? Hawk-Eye is a camera system which traces the ball's trajectory during the...

  4. News

    "When I see a Stadium Pro Goal, when I see one working on TV, I think: 'I helped make that' - I love that feeling." So says Design Engineer Tom Galley when we speak to him one bright cold day in February.Ask any of the team at the Harrod Sport Innovation Centre whether they like...

  5. Football

    From the number of substitutions, to goal-line technology and ABBA penalty shootouts, football is always evolving. Even equipment that might be taken for granted, like goalposts, have changed dramatically over the last 150 years.Early yearsIntroduced in 1863, the first codified A...

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